Classics & Special Interest
Scott Bloor, owner of Precision Motors, has had an interest in vehicles for all
of his life.  He is especially fond of old and unusual vehicles that he finds in
various places across the nation.  In most cases, these vehicles are for sale.  
Some of the special interest vehicles presently available are listed below.
1965 Chevy C-10 Fleetside Pick-Up

This is a 1965 Chevy ½ ton Long-bed Pick-Up truck that
we purchased off a person in Tennessee.  The truck
has a brand new naturally stained bed in it that was
installed just last year.  It’s got a floor mounted automatic
transmission and a beautiful sounding 350 Chevy V-8
under the hood.  Drives like a dream – it’s a very solid

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1954 Chevy Pick-Up "3100"

This beautiful 1954 Chevy Pick-up was purchased from
the mid-west and according to the owner, had a frame on
restoration at some point in its life.  It is all original and has
not been tampered with in any way.  It has the original six-
cylinder engine and a four-speed manual transmission.  It
also features the original style bias-ply tires along with the
original baby-moon hubcaps.  We did put a new
carburetor on it, and worked on the brakes.  It drives
really well.  Running boards should be replaced, but other
than that the body is great.  Bed was replaced 5 years
ago. Presently advertised in Hemming’s Motor News for

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1959 Chevy Stepside Pick-Up - Apache "31"

This truck made it across the country from Oregon.  It
was owned by a Chevy truck fanatic who had
numerous projects going along at the same time, which
forced him to get rid of some.  This was one of them.  It’s
equipped with a redone interior, 3-speed floor mounted
transmission, and a “hopped-up” 283 Chevy V-8 under
the hood.  It features dual exhausts, some nasty looking
tires, and a lot of fun.  It does have some fogging around
the edges of some of the glass and plywood in the bed.  
Yours for $5,900.

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1967 Chevy C-10 Long-bed Stepside Pick-up

This truck was purchased from a buyer in Utah
because of the rarity of this design.  The body shop
has indicated that the truck is very sound, but does
need some cosmetic help.  It needs new cab corners
and rocker panels.  The replacement panels and a
chrome rear bumper come with the truck.  It's got a four-
speed on the floor, along with that ever-reliable 250 cu.
in. Chevy in-line six-cylinder engine.  Everything works
on the truck, including the lights and all the gauges.  It’s
a work in progress for $2,500.

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